Harry & I & Billy & Mr Reeve

So another photo from the ‘Humphreys’ photo album, I think it is Harry rather than Mary, but I’m not sure. Out for a drive, and looking like extras from ‘Peaky blinders’.

Set3e-editThis one had a few nasty tears and spots, but the photo was so evocative of the time I just had to rescue it.


Ancient spinner – Cees black white photo challenge: textures

For this weeks challenge I filtered through my photos for something with a bit of texture, and came up with this – Its a spider web inside the fogou at Carn Euny.  If you do not know what a fogou is – well no one else does really either – a quick search online will furnish you with some answers.


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Dropping off the end of the world – PHOTO CHALLENGE: Depth

I found it quite hard to choose a suitable photo for this weeks Photo challenge “Depth”.  Should I just go down the depth of field route? should it have something to do with water?

Anyway in the end I picked this taken at Dyrham park:


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