Inseparable: Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Music

This week the topic for is Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge Music.

So here is a photo from Pentreffest Rudry 2015 – a set of photos that I am taking a woefully long time to edit!

Music and Dance – Inseparable



Mên Scryfa: Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

This weeks challenge is to provide a photo that evokes solitude.

Here is a photo taken last year of the Mên Scryfa in Cornwall, a stone alone, stood in its own field.  To look at it in isolation you would find it in its place of solitude, however widen your vision and its place within the prehistoric landscape becomes apparent.


We can all be alone, seek our places of solitude, and retreat, yet we are all connected.  Just as the ancients might have envisaged a network of power stretching between these places, so to in these times we need to remember that although we can feel that we stand in solitude, our networks physical and virtual are greater than they once were.  Our combined thought can achieve great things.