Repetition – Weekly Photo Challenge: Repeating Patterns

For this weeks challenge, Jen of Traveling at Wits End ask us:

Photograph Repeating Patterns
I worked on this compositional technique a lot when I first started trying to improve my photography skills. My eye will see repeating patterns, but only if the are really obvious. Once I started looking for repeating patterns, though they seem to be everywhere!

The world seems a random place at times, but look again, maybe it’s not as random as you first thought.

So here are a couple of photos from the archive:

The first two from Zennor church, Cornwall, 2014.



The third is of another Pipe organ at St. Grada, a church in Cornwall – 2014.  I had never edited this photo as it was slightly out of focus, but it works for this challenge.


And the fourth repetition, some architectural detail at Mumbles Pier – 2015. We were observing the rite of needing a cup of tea while out for the day, at the time.


And the fifth a photo I have used for a challenge before, scaffolding at Castle Drogo – 2015. On one of our many trips to Cornwall, we stopped in on the way.

Building angles

Well I could go on, because once you start looking repetition is everywhere.


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