Snow Tree – Sunday Trees – 377

For this Sunday’s tree I thought I would choose a photo taken on our snow walk on Friday.  It is a tree I see often as it is in one of the fields that lie behind our house.

‘Snow Tree’, Brynna, S.Wales, 2019.SunTreeSnow



Dahlia – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Orange and Pink

For this weeks Fun Foto Challenge Cee asks us:

This week the topic is Orange and Pink and there is no specific topic.  I would prefer if your photos of orange and pink in them.  If you don’t find that combination, you can use either color, just make sure that color is prominent.

Well I had a look back in the archives, and this was a difficult one!  Plenty of pictures featuring Orange or Pink, and a few with both but not very prominent.  Anyway I finally found this star shaped Dahlia, the pink is a little fushia, and the orange is a little yellow, but it is almost there.

“Dhalia”, Buckland Abbey, 2015.OrangePink


Cones – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Growth

Jansen has posed us the following Challenge:

I came to this week’s theme of Growth. As you might have come to expect, you can go into many directions with this theme. You could document years of growth, the growth of mushrooms on a tree or branch, or that annoying growth in your neighbor’s yard that blocks your view!

Or the growth of civic pride… The choices are all yours and you’re encouraged to be as creative as your mind wants you to be.

So many themes within the theme to choose from, however I have to return to nature for my choice.  A pine cone growing on a tree in Threave Garden, itself growing, and a reminder of the magnificent potential locked within.

“Pine Cone”, Threave Garden, Dumfries and Galoway, 2018.Growth