Arthurs fence – Weekly Prompts – Fences

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Fences’ as the theme for their challenge.

Well I have to say I found this quite hard, I started questioning what a fence was! How many rails constitutes a fence? More than one? But does two count as a fence if the primary purpose is to stop transition from one are to another, but what if it is just to aid/stop human movement?  Can it be made of stone? Or is that always a wall?  Oh well I will be asking myself these questions all day now.  Needless to say I have not got a picture of some one who buys and sells stolen jewelry to make things easier!  And I have quite a few where the gate is the focus, but they do not really show the fence.

Anyway this is what I came up with. . . A 3 photo stitch taken at one of the many ‘Arthur’s stones’ last year.

‘Arthur’s fence’,  Dorstone, Hereford, 2018.WPFence



  1. Hello Ken, Thank you for linking to our challenge again. I like the one you chose, unique! When I saw the title I half expected to see his sword!
    Anything that keeps one in (or out) is a fence in my book. On my own site at Nan’s farm, I went with two wooden fences, a dry stone wall that’s seen much better days and… a building! Well, okay, a conservatory! 🙂

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    • Its stone that has got me in a quandary :), as I came across a photo that looked almost like a ‘wooden’ fence, all be it slightly chunkier, but was in fact ‘stone’, I thought but is that a wall! Certainly boundaries though!

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      • Ken, if that odd bod over the pond can get away with calling a giant fence a border wall, then we can be forgiven for using stone! 😀

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