Almost home – Friday Foto Fun – Holidays

For this weeks Friday Foto Fun we are asked to:

We all love a good holiday, share one you’ve enjoyed?

Please share your holiday shots either through your lens
or in your own words?

Post a photo or get creative about your dream holiday … try some humour!

So this weekend we had a brief visit to Cornwall, a mini holiday, staying near Kilkhampton, so only just in Cornwall, to  recharge of the batteries.  On the way back we came home the scenic route, so we stopped in Lynmouth, and took a trip on the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway, to have lunch in the cafe at the top.  Built in 1888, it remains the world’s highest and the steepest fully water powered railway, and one of three examples left in the world. With 862ft of steep track and an elevation of 500ft, I am sure that some of you may want to work the gradient out from those figures!

‘Going up’, Lynmouth, 2019.FFFHoliday

The next photo is a view across the water from the top.  Oddly if it was not cloudy you would be able to see Wales, and our home as from this spot.  As the crow flies it would be about 30 miles away to where we live, however by road it is another 150 miles and 3 hours away.  So close yet so far!

‘In sight of home’, Lynmouth, 2019.FFFHoliday2



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