Tables and Basses – Weekly Prompts – Best Buy

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Best Buy’ as the theme for their challenge.

We all have something at home that we regard as our ‘Best Buy’, so what’s yours, what is your best purchase? Perhaps you have more than one, or maybe the best buy turned out to be your best gift. Whatever they may be, we are looking forward to viewing your photographs and reading all about them.

So what to choose?

This was actually very easy as last week we bought a new table, it was just the style that we had been looking for, and an absolute bargain to boot!  Oh and the cats seem to approve, so that has to be a good thing.

‘Table for hippies’, 2019.WPBestbuy

And I thought I also better post a shot of one of my upright basses, as she has been one of my best buys of the previous decade, bringing joy to both me, and hopefully others.

‘Tallulah’, 2019.WPBestbuy2

And just to round things of a photo I used last week, my camera, although only sporting the kit lens here rather than the usual 18-200mm.  Unlike both of my upright basses (the other one is called Audrey), I have never named my cameras, do any of you do that? I would be intrigued to find out if you do.

‘Photographer’, 2014.VJName



  1. Hi Ken, I found if I went into edit mode via the dashboard the URL on your pingback showed up. I restored the original pingback and pasted in the new url which is correct. However, following the actual pingback from Weekly Prompts still takes me to a non existent page! Could you create a new pingback please and hopefully that will work. Thanks Ken

    By the way I love your new table, what a gorgeous colour. 🙂


    • Yes the table is lovely, a lot of the colour in the image is coming from the reflections from all of our ‘hippy tat’, and a boost in post :), though its natural colour is quite rich.

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