No longer adrift – Friday Foto Fun – Anchorage

For this weeks Friday Foto Fun we are asked to:

This is one you can take literally or figuratively …

What is your anchor when life gets stormy?

Please share your anchorage either through your lens
or in your own words?

So I went with the obvious for my photo choice, it was from the first series of photos that popped into my head to hunt down.  A wider colour version of this from a slightly different angle was used for another post some time ago, but I think I prefer this shot.

‘Out of water’, Copenhagen, 2017.Out of Water

However I could have chosen to be less literal, friendship, music, dancing, and antiquity all keep me anchored, as does photography and this blog for that matter.  But most of all my lovely wife, whom I would be lost without, and who is definitely my anchor when life gets stormy, complicated, and confused, often the voice of reason when I am adrift.




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