Found at last – V.J.’S Weekly challenge #40: Things my father says.

Well this week V.J. has challenged us with ‘Things my father said’

This week I have taken the liberty of slightly altering V.J’s wording, as my father is still saying many lovely and annoying things.

There are a number of things my father says that I find quite challenging, little stock phrases that can turn me from an adult to a teenager in a matter of moments.  The weather is always ‘Bitter, its bitter’, and ‘are you sure’.  One phrase I know some of you will be aware of from you own lives, and may or may not use is:

‘Have you looked in the last place you had it’, or its alternative, ‘it will be in the last place you look’.  At this point I could turn rant mode on and ask what do these really mean, but instead I will leave you to think about them yourselves.

Just under three years ago we moved into a new house, as always there are little knick-knacks that you cannot find for a while.  However there was one, a small wooden huggle that had eluded us until last week.  Here it is below, we missed it and wondered where it had gone.

‘Found at last’, 2019.Found at last

Anyway last week we found it!  At the bottom of a vase.

‘I was in here’, 2019.I was in here

It was certainly in the last place we looked (is that not always the case, can it be any other?), and in fact I am not sure there was anywhere else we had not looked! But was it in the place we had it last, had it accidentally fell in here?  or had we put it in here for safe keeping during the move.




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