Over my head – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #38 – Weathered or Worn

This week it is Leya’s turn to challenge us with:

Are you one of those who love things weathered or worn? I am. I love driftwood, old houses, old furniture, toys, the grey cottages up north – things with patina. Clothes with a story – leather jackets, jeans. And people? Only your fantasy sets the limit!

This week’s challenge is Weathered and/or Worn.

I immediately thought of this set of photos when I saw the challenge title this week.  They are of a barn roof near the Men-an-Tol in Cornwall, each time we visit the weather has taken its toll on this roof and the surrounding buildings a little more, just as I am a little older each time.  Every time we walk this path this roof catches my attention, have I every reached out to touch it with anything other than my sight, I cannot remember, it looks so rough yet I feel I want to experience the feel of its weathered and worn texture under my finger tips, well there will always be next time.  I realise that I may have shot myself in the foot with this one as someone is now bound to choose ‘rusty’ as a topic, but oh well, they were the first photos to come directly to mind!

‘Weathered lines’, West Penwith, Cornwall, 2016.Weathered lines

‘A hole in two’, West Penwith, Cornwall, 2016.A hole in two



  1. What a lovely thing to do! Not to shoot yourself in the foot of course ;-D but to watch this roof decaying. Every time you pass by, it is getting even more weathered. And then you mention that you yourself is getting a bit older every year…I love that combination. That is the way time goes by – we see it in others and other objects, but maybe not always reflect on what is happening to ourselves.
    A beautiful entry – thank you for joining in.

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