Days out – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #39 – Hello April

This week it is Amy’s turn to challenge us with:

Look forward to seeing and reading your “Hello April” interpretation. It can be a change of seasons in your part of the world or a wrap-up of the previous season or month.

Well what an interesting topic!  In the end after much deliberation I have chosen to use a photo from the very end of last April, mainly because I liked it.  So now I have to convince you why it fits the brief.

Well March and April are the months we first start venturing out to visit places, and my years snapping begins in earnest again.  So this photo represents one of the first places we had a ‘day out’ to visit last year.  April might be where the fun begins, spring has begun to spring, and in my part of the world the nights have just got a whole lot lighter with the clocks going forward.  Daylight hours are getting noticeably longer, and therefore so to the chance to get out and enjoy ourselves, though the threat of rain is ever present, but when is it not in the UK.

At home it becomes time to maybe get out and do some gardening, ours is nowhere near as big as the one below, though it is still big enough to be a challenge.  So I am hoping the photo below can sum up some of the thoughts above.

‘Days out’, Tyntesfield, 2018.LAPCHello



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