Hurty head! – Friday Foto Fun: serious signs

For this weeks Friday Foto Fun we have been asked:

What signs have warned or directed your way?
Please share what significant signs have guided you …
either through your lens or in your own words?
Post a photo or get creative … add some humour!

I knew which photo I wanted to use for this immediately, a photo from some eleven years ago, funny how you retain some memories.  So here is a photo taken by my lovely wife as this was too good a challenge theme not to use it.  To be fair on myself I did not disregard the sign, I had just come from the corridor but had miscalculated hat head gap height coupled with the stair angle, that is my excuse anyway!  I could have easily entitled this one ‘pouty lip’, but instead went with …

‘Hurty head’, Old Beaupre castle, 2008.Hurty head




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