A powerful tool – Tuesday Photo Challenge: Connections.

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic ‘Connections’:

This week, I want to make the theme about the most important thing that I can think of in our endeavors here and in many other aspects of life: Connections! Making connections with one another and learning more about the world and the great people, with whom we share it.
Your challenge is to capture any type of connections that you would like to share, as they come in many guises and at many levels.

So what to choose?  I sat and cogitated for a while, and then decided I was going to use a guitar cable, a jack lead and pedal socket.  However when I opened my lead bag I saw the microphone and xlr cable, and thought, one of the most important aspects of our ability to connect with others is our ability to communicate.  So on one level I present to you a simple connection of lead to microphone.  And on another level, for better or worse the microphone has enabled a communicator of word or song, to connect and move large crowds that they previously would not have been able to touch all at one moment, thus giving the crowd an even greater sense of shared experience, weaving connections between the ‘performer’ and one another.

‘A powerful tool’, 2019.A powerful tool



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