That look – Weekly Prompts: Old and New

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Old and New’ as the theme for their challenge.

It’s that time of year again, the Wedding Season, and from April through to September, brides and grooms the world over will be walking down the aisle to say those little words ‘I Will, or even I Do’!
The proverbial aisle could be anywhere, the local church, the town hall, a posh hotel, a patch of woodland or even in the middle of someone’s garden. These days, it seems anything goes.
GC and I don’t necessarily want you to chase after the bridal car in pursuit of your old and new pictures; we’re happy to settle for anything that shows ‘Old and New’.

Well here is a photo I took while at my wife’s, cousin’s wedding.  I kept snapping throughout the day which rewarded me with some pretty unusual candid moments.

‘That look’, Exmouth, 2014.That look


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  1. Aw… that is so lovely Ken.
    I’m glad you managed to link to the challenge, my own response at Nan’s farm just will not link, despite several attempts.

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