Cats not dogs for me #NationalPetParentsDay – Sunday Stills – #A Dog’s Life.

This week Teri has challenged us with:

Did you know the last Sunday of April is National Pet Parents Day? Hooray, because I am one and I bet you are, too…or maybe so in the pawst!
For this week’s Sunday Stills photography challenge, let’s celebrate the pets that make our lives so much richer!

We were having a hot chocolate at the beach cafe Portreath, I am not a dog person, definitely a cat person, however I had to take a photo of him, just look at the love in those eyes!

‘In the eyes’, Portreath, 2017.In the eyes

We do however have two cats of our own, the adorable, but here looking moody as he had just woken up:

‘Falco’, 2014.Falco

And the lovely inquisitive:

‘Roswell’, 2015.Roswell

We rescued these two lovely boys from a cattery as someone had abandoned them!  Beautiful brothers who enrich our lives with their companionship.

I have always had cats, before we had, well actually as they are cats they own us . . . any way, before these two called on us to be their slaves, we were honoured to share our lives with the very special ‘Darkle’.  Mad as a hatter and lived to be a grand old lady, it was a very sad day when we had to say goodbye to her,  the vet called her a ‘miracle cat’ in the last few years of her life, we did all we could for her and our love was rewarded with her love.  So a slightly blurry photo, and not just from tears of happy memories, but this was taken when she was still able to get about on the prowl for a bit.


Proud to be a Pet Parent.



  1. My daughter is a cat person, too, Ken! Your cats do look like they own you as I spy mischievous glints in their eyes! The dog is a cutie, too! Sorry about your Darkle, alas, their years are short compared to ours! Thanks for sharing for national pet parents day!

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    • Darkle was my wife’s cat before we even met, she lived to about 19 or 20 as my wife could only estimate her age, so she was a grand old dear :). And they definitely own us, as I type this Falco is sat on my knee.

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  2. Each time I picture of cats, especially dark grey ones I feel to cry. My dear cat will never return to me again. R.I.P

    Oh well, happy parent day to you. Yes, cats own us! Not the other way around. Haha 😀 and Roswell is a dream boy. Very photogenic.

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