Cream tease – Friday Fun: Construction

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been asked:

Please share ‘construction’ in a photo, poem or story?

Hmm so last week I used a photo of ice cream, and this week it will be a cream tea, you are all going to think all I do is eat!  We went strawberry picking, we had no scones, but welsh cakes were a good substitution, don’t call me a heretic, and lets not get onto the whole topic of – Jam or cream first!  Of course in my opinion the object of the game is to get a ‘healthy’ dollop of clotted cream.  Just like making a perfect cuppa, there is something I enjoy about the motions, the ritual of assembling, constructing, a cream tea.  And of course it is about eating them :).

‘Construction complete’, 2014.Construction complete

‘Constructed’, 2014.Constructed



  1. ooh yum, now I’m drooling … thanks for joining in the fun!
    Hope we don’t get too many delicious entries like this, I can feel the weight piling on 😉

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