Fantastic Plastic – K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Plastic fantastic.

Each week, K’lee and Dale offer  prompts for us to consider as the latest challenge.  This week it was Dale with:

For this week’s K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, I thought I’d go for an alliterative theme with which you can experiment; Plastic fantastic.

Well I am not a big fan of plastic, we use it all to often where there are alternatives, and we all to often wrap things in it that need not be wrapped, and worse still then wrap these wrapped things again! – OK, so old hippy rant over, plastic does have a place and and without it we would not have many of the life changing and saving objects we have access to in the modern world.

But from my humble perspective the noble lego brick has to be one of the most fantastic pieces of plastic ever created!

‘Fantastic Plastic’, 2019.KADPlastic



  1. Yeah, you can’t beat a bit of Lego (except when you find it with the sole of your foot at two in the morning) at least it can be passed down through the generations, that’s kind of recycling, right?

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