Love and Friendship – Sunday Stills: Why you should never look over the edge.

This week in Teri’s absence Huw has challenged us with:

Write a brand new post and share your photos, stories, poetry, or thoughts, about being on or looking over an/the edge. What do you see when looking or being on the edge of something? Describe what’s there and tell us if it’s friendly, a foe, or if it makes you feel excited.

Ok – well it has been one of those years so far, it all started at Christmas time, I am not going to go into the details, but it has been hard.  The photo below is of a safety rail atop a high tower at Llansteffan Castle, it stops you accidentally falling over, though you could climb.  The padlock is a symbol of someone’s love.  Just like this safety rail the love and friendship I have received this year help me from falling over the edge.

‘Love and Friendship’, Llansteffan Castle, 2019.Love and Friendship



  1. I’m sorry to learn that things have been hard. I hope there is some joy in your wonderful creativity that is making it at least a little bit easier. Even without knowing the symbolism, this photograph is beautiful.

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    • I have noticed that quite often creativity in lots of people can easily slip to despair, in fact empathy and creativity seem to be part of the same beast, at least for a lot of folk. These tricky, slippery feelings seem to be part of what creativity is, be they happy or sad, the trick seems to be in finding the balance and not becoming indulgent in one or the other. And when the creative outlet works it can be amazingly cathartic, a fabulous healer in itself.

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