Hudsons – Weekly Prompts: Display

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

Our Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge is Display
Display – To attract attention, something in a prominent position that is readily seen.
There are a number of definitions for this challenge, and GC and I are eager to find out which one/s you will choose.

I found this piece of advertising intriguing enough to take a photo of it last year, it was displayed in Helston Folk Museum, The Museum of Cornish Life, well worth a visit.

‘Hudsons’, The Museum of Cornish Life, 2018.Hudsons

For washing, cleaning & scouring everything – multipurpose soap, the back of my ears are hurting just thinking about it, with my Nain (Grandmother), rubbing away at the dirt there with a big block of soap before tackling the tide mark around my neck. . . Good honest dirt I tell you, though probably not for display!



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