Serene Meg – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #52 – Serenity

This week we are challenged us with:

Personally I find nature and its scenery of all kinds helps me to achieve serenity in this crazy world. What about you? What is it that helps you to find serenity in the face of growing chaos?

I find serene moments in many places, and while undertaking many pursuits, I guess in that respect I am lucky.  The flip-side of this though is a sometimes chaotic mind, given to dwelling on things.

serenity – the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

I find myself in this state when walking in nature, visiting ancient sites, when I am sewing or cooking, at times when taking and editing photos, when meditating, playing or composing music, or just after solving that niggling problem.  In essence when I slow down, take stock, realise how blessed I am.

Below is a place that always makes me feel this way, a place where time slows for me, where I feel warm and loved, and for a brief moment I sometimes think I can understand what it all means!

‘Serene Meg’, Long Meg and her daughters, Cumbria, 2017.Serene Meg



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