Devil’s Arrows – Weekly Prompts: Satisfaction

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This week’s photo challenge centers itself on the word SATISFACTION.

Last week I felt a great deal of satisfaction as we were on holiday, busy days visiting ancient sites, stately homes, places of interest & castles. And what magnificent ancient sites we got to see this time on Anglesey, and then in Yorkshire.  The corn really was this colour! And a lucky choice of clothing colour for my wife :).

‘Devil’s Arrows’, Devil’s Arrows , Boroughbridge, 2019.WPSatisfied


3 thoughts on “Devil’s Arrows – Weekly Prompts: Satisfaction”

    1. Indeed but we were only there for two nights, it was a last minute decision, we have just got a campervan, had been to my wife’s mothers in Rochdale and wondered where to go for the last 2 days of our holiday, having been to Anglesey earlier in the week – we will be back!

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