Early 90’s Folk – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Secrets

This week the friendly Friday photography challenge is:

…Well, secrets as the theme for Friendly Friday sounds a bit dramatic, what I really had in mind was that I would like you to reveal something about yourself.

Something personal or something that you haven’t told us yet.

Well I have shared a lot on here about my different passions, music, ancient monuments, sewing, dancing, photography, artwork, cats, walking, to name a few, and a look back through my blogs would certainly reveal quite a bit about me.  What secrets have I not told you?  That I am willing to tell!

We here is a photo of me taken by a friend in the early 90’s, when I used to play Bass guitar in a 7 piece folk rock band, that may well be the secret I have not told you – or perhaps there are other stories to be told about this photo!  But perhaps they are secrets I am unwilling to tell, or stories I would rather you make up!

Early 90’s Folk.


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