Cube, Sphere, Pyramid – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #74 – Abstract

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists is:

This week we invite you to break the rules and go beyond the traditional realistic image of an object, scene, or element. For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74, we are going “Abstract.”

Well I thought I would use a photo of some of the marvellous sculptures of artist David Nash, please do go and see any exhibition of his work if you get the chance. And do go and hunt out his artwork and sculptures if this is the first time you are hearing about him – David Nash.

These simple burnt wooden objects really spoke to me, maybe nature in its abstract form, and so for this challenge, and after a little photoshop jiggery pokery, the abstract taken, abstracted from its original abstract context, but possibly made less abstract by my meddling and layering of some contextualising textures.

‘Cube, Sphere, Pyramid’, David Nash Exhibition Cardiff, 2019.
Cube, Sphere, Pyramid.




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