Overgrown and forgotten. – Word/Photo Challenge: ‘The Bridge’

For this weekends prompt GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme.

This weekend the Word/Photo Challenge from GC and me is ‘The Bridge’ 

Well I decided to go for the conventional, just because I snapped this last week when walking in our local woodland. It is a favourite spot, I do love how this old bridge, that once bridged embankments over a long disused branch line, has persisted against the ravages of time when so many have fallen.  In its heyday it would have shown a bridging between the modernity of the industrial rails and the agricultural fields that surround it, allowing miners to walk to work, from the local village to the mine workings.  But now it stands, slowly deteriorating, bridging a forgotten past with the present.

‘Overgrown and forgotten’, Brynna woods, 2020.
Overgrown and forgotten



  1. Your bridge and woodland remind me of the area where we used to play as children, no thoughts of safety back then! I love your description. Thank you, Ken.

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      • I so agree, we were obsessed with trains. My brother was supposed to look after me, never really happened. I dread to think what our parents would have said if they knew about the railway, the river, and the dips in the canal!

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