Letters from a past future – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #83: Future

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists is from Leya:

This week the challenge is Future – Show us what you will paint on Your canvas!

I have to admit I was a bit stumped at first with this one, I quite often use photos from my archive, which exists in a state of the ‘past’.  Ok, so perhaps I need to take a new photo, hang on, even though I am thinking of taking it in the ‘future’, my very act of taking it now consigns it to some sort of ‘past’.

Hmmm, what about the thought of post processing? no, that although not yet happened will soon transition into a time that I will move on from, and by the time you read this will be passed, the photo indelibly ascribed to this post, and as far from a future as can be.

So what to do. . .

As a birthday present to myself this year, in December, I bought a 3d printer, surely this is a thing of the ‘future’, a machine that the childhood me would of thought of as existing only in Star Trek.

Well I have made a number of small objects, fixed things around the house, but now we get to, ‘The Future’.  Where does this sit with my photography, I do want to make some ‘lithophanes’ of my photographs, if you do not know what they are a quick google search will enlighten you (other search engines are still available – just!).  However even before I had got the printer I had been thinking of combining this ‘Modern technology’, with a ‘Past technology’, as we also own a small letterpress.

So to the Future, watch this space!

Inspired by Leya’s rather beautiful photos of double exposures of flowers, here is my own double exposure (not as beautiful) of a seed of a thought for the future.

‘Letters from a past future’, 2020.
Letters from a past future




  1. Well, Ken, here I learned something new – lithophanes. I used Google and found an exciting explanation. Never heard of them! ‘Letters from a past future’, 2020 – is a very intriguing title, and you seem to own some interesting machines… My son wants a 3d printer, but hasn’t bought one yet. Now I have at least seen one, or a crossbreed with a letterpress! I must say I rather loved your seed of a thought for the future! Clever.

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  2. What a clever response Ken! Indeed we’d have thought this a crazy idea not long ago. Much like the Dick Tracey watch we now wear it the computers we hold in our hands!

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