Boats – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #84: Narrow

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists asks:

Travel has taught me that once we go through a narrow path, alley, and/or road with a little patience, at the end it always opens up to pleasant surprises. The experience certainly has broadened my horizon allowing me to see the world through different eyes. Thus, I choose “narrow” for this week’s theme.

‘Boats’, 2013.



  1. Love those canal boats.
    Narrow was meant to be our challenge for next week! Posts written in advance on both weekly Prompts and Nans farm, and already on the schedule! I shall have to change the title! I’m glad I spotted this.

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      • Some wet carpets and a few leaks due to the driving rain, otherwise not too bad. This never happened before Ciara! I agree Dennis was not quite as bad as last weekend.

        I don’t want to waste the posts I’ve written so I’ll re-read and find another title, and perhaps cut out some of the stuff on Nans farm. Thanks, Ken

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