Sunset seas – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #85: Treasure Hunt

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists asks:

This week we’re going on a Treasure Hunt! The challenge is to search for specific items – either from your archives or newly captured – from the list below. Extra credit items are a bit more challenging. Focus on quality over quantity and hit us with your best shot(s)!

Challenge Items: Sunrise and/or sunset, Something cold and/or hot, a bird, a dog, a funny sign, a bicycle, a seascape and/or mountain landscape, a rainbow, a church, a musical instrument, a boat, a plane, a waterfall
Extra Credit Items: An expressive portrait of one or more people, a very unusual place, knitting or sewing, a fish, an animal you don’t normally see, a bucket, a hammer, a street performer, a double rainbow, multiple challenge items in a single image. My opening image, for example, includes a sunrise, a seascape and birds in a single shot. See how easy it is?! 😀

So here is a shot from the archives, warm sunset over a cold Cornish sea, and there might even be a hint of a boat out toward the horizon.  Taken on an old 2mp Dimage Z3, but still a lovely photo at this size I feel.  Well if I get chance this week I am going to go on a hunt for some of the other treasured items, but for now . . .

‘Sunset seas’, Cornwall, 2007.
Sunset sea




  1. Quite a sunset there Ken – sometimes those old cameras really did perform, especially considering their limitations! I still find some of my old Nikon D/50 images holding up against the test of time. Thanks for joining us with this one!

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    • Yes, hopefully we can lay claim to the fact that it is not the camera but the photographer that takes the shot, though a good camera makes it easier!


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