That feeling – Weekly Prompts: Leap

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This weekend the challenge from partner GC and me is Leap.

Sometimes when standing atop a high tower or looking over a cliff a strange feeling overcomes me, it starts with the feeling that my glasses will fall of, progresses to a strange tingly feeling in the . . erm . .  nether regions, and ends up with a feeling that I am about to leap from the height!  I know others also get these feelings as I have asked people about it, but I wonder why?  It is not like vertigo, the world does not spin, but more a feeling that the ground wants to pull us towards its embrace.  I know of a viaduct that has/used to have a sign on it to this effect, warning that you may be overcome by the inexplicable urge to leap!  Well I do not have a photo of that sign so here is a composite taken at Hells mouth last year, that attempts to illustrate the feeling.

‘That feeling’, Hells mouth, Cornwall, 2019.
That feeling


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