Untitled! – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Words that end in “ock” & Wednesday Challenge – Cartoon Characters

Cee has challenged us with the topic of Words that end in “ock” for her B&W challenge – I will let you decide why I chose this photo! & this wednesday GC and SueW have chosen the Cartoon Characters as the theme for their challenge. They asked:

We ask you to tax your memories and try to remember those specific cartoon characters that made a lasting impression on you and which create nostalgic feelings every time you watch cartoons with your children/grandchildren

Well I must immediately say this is not a cartoon character from my childhood, rather it adorned the wall of an airbnb that we stayed in when visiting Copenhagen – it did however leave a lasting impression!

‘Untitled!’, Copenhagen, 2017.






  1. That is hilarious, thank you, Ken, for choosing to share with our Weekly Prompts challenge.
    By the way, I couldn’t find the Like button on this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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