Emergency – Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge – Ladders

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This weekend the Saturday challenge from partner GC and me is ‘LADDERS.’

The idea for this challenge came from our friend Ivor’s dream about a ladder.

Personally speaking, I’m not fond of climbing ladders, I’d much rather get someone else to climb up high and do the reaching!

So how will you address our challenge, will yours be a physical ladder or a virtual one?

Well I am now working from the ‘safety’ of my own home, I have the luxury of a job that enables me to do so. But please at this time spare a thought for all of those ‘Heroes’ out there whose roles just got that extra bit more difficult!

‘Emergency’, Anglesey model village, 2019.Emergency




  1. A timely reminder, Ken. I have two daughters and a son working in primary schools, they are classed as key workers. My girls are expecting around thirty children to turn up on Monday at their ‘leafy lane’ schools. My son teaches at an inner city school in a poor area and is expecting around sixty or more to arrive, but no one is sure; many of his children have social workers and are better off at school! All three say they are expecting to work a rota system with other staff but the details are still not clear. 🙂

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