No surprise – Sunday Stills: The Legacy of Favorite #Places

This week Teri challenges us with:

This week’s theme is Favorite Places

To those of you who visit here regularly it will probably come a no surprise that I have used this photo.  We love visiting St. Ives and the West Penwith Penisula, its beaches, towns. open spaces, stone circles, and standing stones.  Alas this year it very much looks like we will not be able to visit due to the current situation in the UK, and if we can visit it will be a lot later in the year.  At least I have photos to look at, I guess we maybe having a ‘virtual’ holiday this year.

‘No surprise’, St. Ives, 2019.
No Suprise

Stay safe and look after yourselves!




  1. What a shame to close it! Looks so open and widespread! Many of our Northern Cal parks and beaches are open. Our local bike trail was open with a lot of action by walkers and riders. All staying a safe distance from each other!

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