Now we are here . . . in Xanadu – Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge – Xanadu

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This weekend the Saturday challenge from GC and myself is our monthly colour challenge, and for April we have chosen Xanadu. No, not the film, nor the song made famous by Olivia Newton-John – Xanadu is an actual colour.

Well now I am going to have the song in my head all day!

A colour – who would have known? but here it is:


Anyway finding this was a lot easier than I expected, I opened up the recent-ish photos on my phone and this was one of the first ones I saw – that box looks pretty like Xanadu I think? And Roswell appears to think so as well, so much that he too is singing along!

‘Now we are here . . . in Xanadu’, 2019.
Now we are here . . . in Xanadu



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