Engine. – V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #91: transported

Well this week V.J. has challenged us with:

In the midst of chaos, what transports you to simpler times? Naturally, this prompt has more than one meaning, and you are in no way restricted to my interpretation.

Well at this point in time, almost any photo in my archives seems to transport me back to the memory of a simpler time, even those from only a month ago!

But how about this bit of ‘Transportation’ from an age some refer to as simpler!  It is funny how we refer to the past as a ‘simpler’ time, when in actuality life was hard, and survival was not at all a simple task.

‘Engine’, Morwellham Quay, 2019.

Looking at this photo I am immediately transported back to the end of last year, a day out with good friends, and that in turn transports me to other days, and other memories.





  1. What an interesting vehicle. Definitely makes one smile. It is funny how we reflect on the past and think it was easier, even though in many cases it was not. Thanks for participating, Ken.


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