Wish you were here – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Travel

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

In deciding on a theme for this week, there was something that led me to the choice of Travel. As most of use are not travelling at the moment, it might be nice to travel virtually through our various blogs and share some of those enjoyed moments with each other. So, let’s share some of those wonderful places that we have visited in this week’s challenge!

I had a long think about what I was going to use for this week, should I use on of the ‘distant’, foreign places I have visited, should I use Cornwall, or Scotland.  But in the end I thought I would use somewhere relatively  close to home, Brynna common, about 4 miles away on a winter solstice morning.

I thought I will get to see a lot of places you post, and the chances are you will post some of places I may have been, but I maybe able to post somewhere you have not been! and say how I wish you could travel to Wales, and how I wish you could be here, in more than a virtual nature!

I have used a very similar photo from this series for another TPC, however until now this one had remained untouched in the archive.

‘Wish you were here’, Brynna common, 2016.
Wish you were here



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