The dragon’s breath – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #93:

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists asks:

We are looking forward to saying Good Morning to all of you! Be it your morning, any morning or some creative twist.

Dragon’s breath in Wales is where snaking mist hangs low in the early morning, it gets trapped and funnelled by the valley sides, and lends an ethereal quality to the early morning landscape.  So here is another image taken on a solstice morning, where in the distance you can just see the Dragon beginning to expel its breath over the Vale and the early morning landscape.

This is not quite the landscape I get to see if I look out of my window in the morning, but I can see part of it, though the foreground is obscured by houses, to remind me that I share this beautiful world with others.

‘The dragon’s breath’, Brynna common, 2016.
The dragon's breath




  1. I love the thought of a dragon breathing around us Ken and your image of it is beautiful Also also love the thought about sharing the world with others. Beautiful post

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  2. Dragon’s Breath – what a beautiful thought. Through the image and the colour tones, I can almost hear your Tallulahbass. I can imagine you could “play” that image – would love to hear it.

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