Never ending skies – One word Sunday Challenge: Inspiration. & Sunday Stills: Honoring Mother #Earth

This week Debbie  challenged us with the following:

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own inspiration post.

And because these two are so intertwined for me . . .

Teri challenges us with:

I’m excited to see what you might share for the theme “Mother Earth.” Remember, you can link all week!

I am not really sure where my inspiration comes from sometimes, I look through the view finder and there it is!  I pick up an instrument and notes flow, I put pen to paper and words emerge.  I have told people that I used to write 3 songs a week and 2 at a weekend, and for a year or so in my 20’s I really did.  I have slowed down a lot now, and mainly write tunes, however this was the last song I wrote, though there is another underway while I type!

However I do feel a lot of what I create is rooted in the landscape, a power if you like from Mother earth, who in turn allows the birthing of inspiration, which I can draw upon.

Leya from lens artists asked me “I can almost hear your Tallulahbass. I can imagine you could “play” that image – would love to hear it.” when I posted for this this weekends LA challenge.  And perhaps this recording made only the week before captures some of that image along with the images you will see here.

It was my first dabble with video, and using a free editor at that, so it is not the best image,  but the photos that play a large part of this video, show just where a large part of my inspiration comes from, and where my muse lives.  This song was written for the 9th anniversary of two lovely friends, who took a group of us away to celebrate in the wilds of Cumbria and the Lakes, this was my gift to them.

So inspiration I feel for me comes from all that is around me, all I encounter, all of you.

‘Never ending skies’, Castlerigg, 2018.



    • Thank you Teri, however although I enjoy the creation of all these things, when I share them it gives me a great feeling. One of the reasons I love seeing what our virtual community has to offer on a daily basis.


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