Scout Moor & Denbigh Moors – Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge – Desolate

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This week GC and I chose the word Desolate as our weekend challenge.

Desolate: Uninhabited or giving the impression of bleak emptiness. ‘Impression’  now that’s good because emptiness isn’t always what it seems.

So, how will you address this wide open challenge? Opportunities abound for camera, paintbrush or pen!

Ok so there are signs of habitation, but it still look pretty wild and Desolate!  This is ‘Scout Moor’, alas I had no images of the more aptly titled Moor in the area ‘Bleaked gate moor’.

I have other photos that perhaps fit the bill a little closer, however as Sue had chosen to use photos of Yorkshire, and my wife is from Rochdale, I felt honour bound to use a photo of Lancashire!

‘Scout Moor’, 2013.
Scout Moor

And also a photo from the moorland near my childhood home in N.Wales.

Denbigh Moors’, 2013
Denbigh Moors



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