Apart – One word Sunday Challenge: Division

This week Debbie  challenged us with the following:

Welcome to One Word Sunday, and over to all of you to join the challenge with your own Division post.

What is this invisible thing that keeps us apart, that stops me from seeing you, stops me from holding you? Will it last for ever? No, in time it will crumble, its doors will disappear, and its walls will fall away, and life will continue without its boundaries rather than in ruins.

Yesterday I went for an all to brief walk, early in the morning, and of course I came back with many, many photos!  This was a path I had trod many times.  I have photographed the objects on this walk many times before, but however the division between then and now had changed what I saw.

The whole area appeared new to my eyes, the greenery and  lack of human touch had begun again to enforce the division between nature and the artificial.

These once useful structures that we have built for ourselves may in time feel unnecessary, these strictures that we have placed around ourselves will become unneeded, and at that time we will be given a choice, to walk forward, to learn, and adapt, or to lapse back into ignorance and division.

‘Apart’, Brynna, 2020.



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