Lord & Lady Pierce-Humphreys – Postcard from the Grand Tour (May 1st) – #lockdownstaycation – Day 2

Postcard from the Grand Tour (May 1st)

Lord Summerisle invited us to his Scottish Island to enjoy and to participate in some traditional May day festivities.  We were delighted to witness some energetic May pole dancing, and a masked procession throughout the town following an Obby Oss.  We believe that later on there will be some kind of singing around a bonfire.  The townsfolk have been very welcoming and seem to enjoy their festivities very much.

We were lucky to hitch a plane ride from a visiting Policeman and arrived late on the 30th of April.


We visited the schoolhouse on the way to Lord Summerisle’s abode.


Lord Pierce-Humphreys meets Lord Summerisle.


And he proceeded to entertain us for the evening.


Lady Pierce-Humphreys imitates the traditional harvest festival pose (they seem to have missed out on last year’s).


We are invited to take part in the festivities.

Oss oss!


Lord Summerisle loans Lord Pierce-Humphreys the correct ceremonial regalia, as befitting his station.


They join in the song and dance.

Summer is icumen in


Lord Pierce-Humphreys photo bombs the shot.


Time to enjoy the bonfire.


Happy May day for one and all.


Created as part of an ongoing collaborative project with Arra Stoneglade.


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