And getting wetter – Lens Artists Photo Challenge #95: All Wet

This weeks challenge from the Lens-Artists asks:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my departure from the everyday challenges of our COVID-19 world, and that you too have some archived wet images to share. Of course you’re welcome to shoot today’s world as well – maybe you’ve just given your pet a bath, or perhaps the dewdrops on your garden have given you a smile. You might also choose the colloquial meaning of the term “all wet” meaning mistaken or completely wrong. Whatever comes to mind, we look forward to seeing your choices.

Well we were on holiday, and we were damn well going to go out and enjoy ourselves, even though it was raining, and about to get worse!

‘And getting wetter’, Porthleven, 2018.
And getting wetter

The damp can never stop our holiday fun – just as this week we are having our #lockdownstaycation, we are not going to be ‘Wet’ about our lack of being able to visit places, instead we are going to – “get ‘in’ there” and have some fun.

So a shameless link to the first two offerings – Day 1 & Day 2,  we are not going to allow this ‘thing’ to dampen our holiday spirits.



  1. OMG Ken, I laughed out loud. Then it occurred to me – perhaps you have too much time on your hands LOL. So glad I took the time to see 1 and 2. thanks for joining us with these.

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    • Hi Tina, “too much time on your hands” – I should be so lucky, as part of my job involves e-resources for a large university, I have actually been busier than usual over the last few weeks, and thus as it began to ease of I realised a weeks holiday was sorely needed – however we are not the sort of people who sit an do nothing while holidaying, but be assured, a restful time is included in the itinerary! – and there are now 2 more episodes on my blog. 🙂

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