Lord & Lady Pierce-Humphreys – Postcard from the Grand Tour (May 3rd) – #lockdownstaycation – Day 4

Postcard from Paris.

After a slightly traumatic train journey – in the morning that nice Mr Poirot had gathered us all together to explain how he thought we had all had a hand in the murder!  However we were allowed to go on our way.  We can now relax and take in some sites such as the Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge, some kind of red windmill I believe, that Lord Pierce-Humphreys insists we visit.

Breakfast consisted of croissants, Lord Pierce-Humphreys demanded to know where the sausage in this pastry was!


It was very big.


Lady Pierce-Humphreys was still bemused as to why they were visiting a windmill that evening.


It turned out to be a dance hall, however not the kind of dance they normally frequented.


However after two glasses of ‘blanc diamant’ and the appearance of  Le Chat Noir, Lady Pierce-Humphreys warmed up to the evening.


The Lady Can-Can.


tbc . . .

Created as part of an ongoing collaborative project with Arra Stoneglade.


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