Frankly photographing strange stories – Weekly Prompts: Wednesday Challenge – Awareness

This week GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on Susan and my site is the word AWARENESS.
Susan and I ask you to dig into your creative bag of tricks and show us how the world has changed around you. Dig out that camera and look for those details in your life that you now have become deeper aware as being there.
If you are a writer ( poetry or prose) we urge you to share with us your thoughts , insights and new awareness of things in your own life that have morphed into something greater than they were a few short months ago.

So some of you who follow my blog will have seen that my wife and myself are currently ‘on holiday’ and as such we are posting our holiday photos.  This is how the world has most currently changed around us.  We find we are having a #lockdownstaycation (this should bring the posts up for you on my site).  We have had to be creative with our holiday.  Here is a photo for you of some of the fun we have been getting up to:


Working from home in the weeks running up to our ‘Grand Tour’, I found that as I no longer had to commute into work, I could start and therefore finish earlier (the finishing takes some discipline as I am currently very busy, and quite often overrun).  However this has meant that I have had time to bake, edit photos, sew, to write music & to breathe.  Last year was a fallow year for me musically I wrote a few tunes, but no lyrics for songs.  However at the end of last week, I wrote the tune, the music, and recorded this track all in the space of 24 hours!

Ken Humphreys · Frankly

Somehow through all of this going on around me, my creative muse appears to be screaming into my ear-holes!



    • All credit to the muse – I have apart from last couple of years, usually I have been able to put pen to paper and let words flow. Sometimes I look at them and wonder just where they came from, as often the act of writing has seemed to be detached from thinking entirely! And as a result my songs tend to mean very different things to different listeners as generally I do not have a fixed meaning in mind when I write.

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