Yum – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Tasting

This Tuesday  Cee challenged us with the – Sense of Tasting

This mornings Breakfast of strawberries and banana looked far too healthy, and then a few moments later it didn’t!

‘Yum’, 2020.




  1. Ken, could you activate the Like button? The only way of likening any of your posts is via the Reader, but when you publish more than one on the same day, the option is gone.
    Anyway, take this post as LIKED 🙂

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      • Not wishing to teach my grandmother to suck eggs as it were, but just in case you haven’t checked this section.
        Click on My Sites, under the word Configure click Sharing and then click Manage. Scroll down and if not activated click Show Like button.
        Apologies if you’ve already done this, but the IT teacher in me keeps taking over!

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      • No problem – I have checked – but I do not mind 🙂 – Turning it on and off here! [The IT teacher in you might like that], Has now got it to show on my about page – but nowhere else! Probably going to attempt to change theme as some people report various themes have this problem though my Google fu is weak this morning.

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      • Ok so it does appear to be a theme issue! Have changed theme and all is ok – other than I now have to find a theme I like :), thank you for pointing this out Sue, I did wonder why my likes had been dropping off.

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      • I’m sure you’d do the same for me. I’ve been trying to find another theme for my Nans farm but so far haven’t found one, instead I changed the colours slightly, not that that will help your issue. And right now I’m swapping around the images on the Weekly Prompts header! 🙂

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