Elsewhere. – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Isolation Cravings.

This week the Friendly Friday photography challenge  asks:

For this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge I ask you to share a post, a photo or even a recipe depicting your  ISOLATION CRAVINGS.   I’ll tell you some of mine. 

I think like most of us one of my biggest cravings is to get in the car and go elsewhere, even though the countryside around me is beautiful, I especially miss Cornwall, and our #lockdownstaycation did only a little to allay the sadness I felt, given we would have originally been going to Cornwall that week.

‘Elsewhere’, Cornwall, 2016.





  1. I too have missed my visit to St Ives this May 😦 but have rebooked for September- so hopefully that will happen. Maybe I should have just moved there- then lockdown would have been a whole lot better! 🙂 wisdom with hindsight!

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    • Yes one day, living there would be fabulous, we do dream about it, we have not re-booked yet, but as soon as we can we will be going! Will probably pass you in the street without knowing, and probably have already!


  2. I’ve never been but I’ve heard that Cornwall, UK is beautiful country. I grew up in Jamaica and like every colony in the BE, some homesick person named a county after his homeland. Cornwall in Jamaica is on the west side of the island and includes Montego Bay and Negril, well known resort spots.

    A favorite Jamaican snack is a hand pie called a beef patty. It’s similar to a Cornish pasty. I wonder if it’s related? Probably made by that same homesick colonial 😉

    Thanks for joining the challenge,

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    • Cornwall is very beautiful, it reminds me of the part of Wales I grew up in. I am a Vegetarian – but I had heard of the beef patty, and yes I think it probably was a by product of colonialism, however it is I think an example of what we today would brand a ‘fusion food’, however most foods were at one point or another! 🙂 I do however get to sample some marvellous cheese and Onion, and Vegetable pasties when I visit Cornwall.

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