Snowflakes in a dark world

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge
Topic: Obsidian

This Saturday the Weekend Challenge from partner GC and me is our monthly colour challenge and for JUNE we have chosen the colour Obsidian.
We’re told the colours/hues of Obsidian are caused mainly by trace elements or inclusions! Mysterious eh? We can’t wait to see how you interpret this colour.

Unusually for me I have been pretty literal with this one, this was a small gift from my wife. This tiny stone may have the power to lock or unlock your emotions, particularly useful for introverts like me. Whether you believe it works or not, it sits near my desk, and from time to time I catch sight of it, I am reminded of this, I stop and ponder how I feel, and am reminded not to lock it all away.

Obsidian is formed from quickly cooled lava, it is mineral-like, but not a true mineral because as a glass it is not crystalline. Snowflake obsidian, is formed through the inclusion of cristobalite crystals.

‘Snowflakes in a dark world’



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