Space to the front and rear!

Challenge: Sunday Stills
Topic: Home

This week Teri asks us:

For Sunday Stills this week, share your thoughts, images, and other creative ideas about your home. Perhaps you have a favourite vacation home, live in an RV full-time, or are searching for your future dream home. Tell us all about it!

We live in one of the houses obscured by trees at the right of the photo. This was not the ‘home’ we had bargained on buying 4 years ago, but we are so glad we did. The ability to pop out back and soon be in the relative wilds, and as it is on a hill the view out the front is not bad either. It was overlooked for purchase by a lot of other people as the interior decoration was ‘slightly wild’ and the previous occupants had got ‘no TV’. I really do wonder sometimes what goes through peoples minds.

Anyway it did not take too much work to make it our ‘Home’ and is anything the interior may now be slightly wilder, so we probably stand no chance if we ever want to sell! We can wake up and look out to the fields behind that are home to sheep and horses. Or we can look out the front and in the very hazy distance see Devon on the other side of the water from our part of Wales.

‘Space to the front and rear!’



  1. How very beautiful.
    Our home was similar, needed a lot of work and that put off a lot of people. We grabbed it without a second thought and gradually made it our home.

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