Desert dessert!

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge
Topic: Dessert

GC and I would like to hear about or see your favourite desserts. Make our mouths water with deliciously enticing Words or Pictures, we really don’t mind which

I am not sure a cream tea can be considered a dessert really, so I hope you will let me get away with choosing it as such, sometimes we have a ‘savoury’ cream tea, followed by a ‘traditional’ cream tea, and therefore I feel justified in classing a ‘cream tea’ as a dessert!

‘Cream tea’

So it was either the photo above or one of my wife with ice cream, which set me to wonder: if the ice cream is in a cone, is it still a dessert? I suppose it does basically come down to when you eat it, and if it is “at the conclusion of a meal”.

‘Cones for dessert’

So both these photos were taken for our Lord and Lady Pierce-Humphreys travels, that we took last month on our #lockdownstaycation, so here is a new photo especially for this challenge.

‘Desert dessert’
Gobi desert
(Date unknown)



  1. Cream tea definitely a dessert! I could eat cream tea for breakfast, though I’d make a concession for the time of day and have coffee! 🙂

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    • I have to admit that I often have a ‘Cream Coffee’ instead 🙂 Of course it is the ‘Clotted cream’ that is the important bit as far as I am concerned, and I have to admit to having had a croissant with salted caramel chocolate spread and clotted cream at least once for breakfast this week, it needed using up!

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