Morning stillness

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #102: A Quiet Moment

This week, we are challenging you to capture “A Quiet Moment.”  Maybe it’s a walk early in the morning or the time you sit down with a book and a cup of coffee.  Include shots captured at home or in your neighborhood, or from a trip to a faraway place months or years ago.  It’s totally up to you.

This is where our morning walk take us, a place where we can look out over the landscape in which we live, a view over the place to which we will return to pass the days. We take a moment to enjoy the stillness, the quiet, the beauty.

This morning, and a red tailed kite flew over head, keeping silent, on the hunt, and the mist lay low in the valley.

‘Morning stillness’



  1. We have regular flyovers from a pair of Red Kites. One has taken to sitting on the stone wall next to the cattle trough but it’s a little too far for me to manage a decent picture.

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    • This is the first year I have seen them here, we see buzzards regularly though, and once so close, that the buzzard and myself did a double take before we realised, alas I didn’t even have my phone with me on that occasion. There is something very special about birds of prey.


  2. Love your morning stillness – and kites. We have a couple flying over our garden every day – but they are not quiet, they sound. And they are often chased by smaller birds.

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