Summer location

Challenge: Friendly Friday Challenge
Topic: Summer traditions

Well at first I thought I would use a photo of my wife with ice cream, as I so often have in my blog posts, but that is a ‘holiday’ tradition, and not dependent on the season! So while our visits to Cornwall are not limited to the summer, nor our visits to the beach – we do at least visit once per summer under normal circumstances.

This is quite often is a trip that coincides with the end of the summer, and as my wife shared photos of how we start the summer. . .

‘Summer location’

A time of long shadows and golden light, usually just after school children have returned to school, but before their first half term holiday. Somehow that childhood memory always brings with it a touch of sadness a melancholy at the thought of the approaching of autumn.

Who knows if this trip will be achievable this year under present conditions, but if nothing else I have the ‘traditional’ set of ‘far too many’ photos, to look back through.




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