With love Hilda

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Wednesday Challenge
Topic: Family photo

Susan and myself invite you to locate that one mysterious photo and write us your thoughts on it. Remember the photo is a flash back to the past and not a recent one of yourself or family ( unless of course you have an early photo of yourself which is welcomed).  

So some of you will know that last year I spent some time digitising some old family photos, they ranged in time from the late 1800’s through to the 70’s. Here is one such photo, but I have to say the great majority of them are a mystery to me.

‘With love Hilda’

So who are they? Other than being part of the family I have little to go on, however the back of the photo has this:

‘To Beryl’

Beryl was my paternal grandmothers name, I have shared a few photos on this blog of her. I also had an aunt Hilda (well she was my dads aunt really), so I fully expect this to be her side of the family, though as yet I am not sure if she is the lady on the left or right of this shot.



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